Local Design Inspired by a Local Team

Hawaii is a very unique destination when it comes to real estate planning, design and development, and that’s why we've put together a team of renowned local experts with extensive experience in the Hawaii real estate market.

JPL Hawaii, LLC

JPL Hawaii, LLC has experience developing and investing in the Big Island and Hawaii going back to 1975. Their development projects have included land purchase, zoning, concept development, analysis and construction of some of the best projects in Hawaii.

The company has deep roots in the Big Island community and their goal is to create quality developments which benefit Hawaii. You’ll recognize this commitment in the quality at Ainamalu, a community of which they can be proud.

William Cory Faulk, Architect

Professional Architect licensed in multiple states; has more than 1600 projects built in 14 countries.
AIA International Award Winner, AIBD National Conceptual Design Winner. Multiple Local and Regional Awards spanning 30 years. Skilled in addressing projects with difficult environmental and cultural issues - with the public, public agencies and in the courts.
Father of 3 grown children, grandfather to 4 girls and 2 boys. Many-time Ironman Triathlon finisher; ultra-runner and blue water swimmer. Co-director of Ultra Brazil 515.
Hobbies include patient advocacy, volunteerism, guitar building (luthier), cooking, steampunk/alternate history, and painting.


Premier Island Properties
Real Estate Sales

Premier Island Properties was founded to offer a complete Real Estate Resource for buyers, sellers and developers. Their team of experienced agents is available to help you through the process.

Hawaii doesn’t work exactly like the Mainland, but that’s part of its charm. If you are new to the Island, they’ll help guide you through the intricacies of the local real estate market and match you with a home for your lifestyle. Their dedicated brokers have been working on Ainamalu since the beginning and are eager to show you around the neighborhood.

Lisa Barry, R-Broker
Cell: (808) 960-5047

Cindy Wild, PB
Cell: (808) 938-0779




Ainamalu Logo

Over two hundred years ago, Kamehameha I proclaimed into law the Kanawai Mamalahoe, assuring all the opportunity to travel freely and in peace. ‘Āinamalu invokes the feeling of peace summoned by Kamehameha and conjures up imagery of the shade and protection travelers took while traveling along the King’s Trail. Malu literally translates to shade, shelter, protection, peace, strength. ‘Āina translates to the land.

‘Āinamalu gives action to these definitions, invoking a peaceful, quiet, protected place.

Protected, Peaceful Land